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caro pic.JPG Master Esthetician, Face specialist, CEOO/founder of Bella Facial Lounge

Carolina Castillo

Founder Licensed Esthetician

Originally from the beautiful and energetic Colombia, Carolina’s passion for the beauty industry began many years ago. She completed her bachelor's degree (Occupational Therapist) in her hometown and moved to U.S.A where she fulfilled one of her many dreams graduating with a Master in business administration, all the knowledge obtained during these years in Healthcare Administration lead Carolina to accomplish the ideal of becoming a business owner. She enrolled in the Esthetics program where her passion for skin care intensified guiding her to open her own Esthetician practice. The name of her practice came from her sweet daughter named Isabella who has been a motivation and inspiration to move into this new adventure.


Carolina’s simple approach is one that encircle all technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch. As you get to know her you’ll find that she is very mindful and focuses on providing the best for her clients.

Jessica's pic.heic Esthetician, body sculpting specialist

Jessica Feliciano

Licensed Esthetician

Introducing Jessica Feliciano, an esteemed esthetician and body sculpting specialist with a remarkable 17 years of experience in the beauty industry. Born and raised in the vibrant island of Puerto Rico, Jessica now resides in the sunny city of Naples, Florida.

Throughout her extensive career, Jessica has developed a profound passion for her work and a deep dedication to helping her clients achieve their body and skin goals. Her commitment to excellence and unwavering enthusiasm have earned her a well-deserved reputation among her clients.

One of Jessica's notable accomplishments is her certification as a Face Reality #1 acne treatment specialist. This certification showcases her expertise in tackling acne-related issues, allowing her to provide effective solutions for clients struggling with problematic skin.

Beyond her professional life, Jessica is also a passionate fitness enthusiast.  She finds joy and inspiration in activities such as boxing, which not only keep her physically fit but also help her maintain a balanced and healthy mindset.

ari's pic 2.jpeg Esthetician, wax expert, Lash artist

Arielle Isley 

Licensed Esthetician

Introducing Arielle Isley, a talented aesthetician who recently graduated from aesthetics in December 2021. Her personal journey with skin struggles in the past has ignited a deep passion within her to help her clients feel their absolute best.

Arielle's expertise lies in various areas of aesthetics, including full body waxing, facials, and lash extensions. With a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch, she approaches each treatment with precision and care, ensuring optimal results for her clients.

Besides her career in aesthetics, Arielle Isley leads a fulfilling life outside of work. As a proud "girl mom," she cherishes the time spent with her beloved daughter. Together, they embark on adventures and create beautiful memories that fill Arielle's heart with joy and fulfillment.

Arielle also dedicates herself to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. She is committed to weightlifting four times a week, which not only keeps her physically fit but also helps her stay mentally and emotionally balanced. Engaging in regular exercise empowers Arielle, allowing her to bring a renewed sense of energy and vitality into her professional endeavors.

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